Welcome to the show!

Hey one and all!

We just wanted to say that we appreciate all the support, kind words, and feedback we’ve received the past month or so that we’ve been working on this show. We’re still going through growing pains (e.g. swapping out gear, changing the look and music of the show, etc.), but we feel like we’re finally in good enough shape with the foundation to really start focusing on content.

As far as content goes, we don’t currently have a regular schedule or format right now. We’re just kind of winging it and doing things as they happen. We started off with a 2-man show, then experimented with a 3-person format. We’re planning on going back to 2 for the next couple months since Justin is working on finishing up his last semester at university.

We’re also going to experiment with completely new, fun stuff that will be different than the initial vision for the show. I (Jack) am currently writing a script for a 1-man show as I type this, and working on some more fringe gameshow-like stuff that could be a fun break in the regular content.

Anyways, this website is going to be the central hub for all the videos, articles, and content that we create, so be on the lookout on Twitter, FB, and everywhere else for updates.


Jack Russell & co.

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