The Apogeeks Podcast Episode 1: Re-branding, Robots, and Gundam VS Beta Impressions

Tune in for The Apogeeks’ very first podcast! We discuss the re-branding / relaunch of our website, all sorts of robots (especially ones we dislike), and share our thoughts and concerns based on our time with the open beta of Gundam VS.

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Show notes: [0:59] Rebranding [3:17] Robots Intro [4:55] Robots We Hate [6:26] Elon Musk & Killbots [8:59] Bidets [10:54] Robot Music [12:24] Fidget Spinners [14:20] Featured Review: Gundam VS Open Beta

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  1. Loved this! Really appreciate Gundam vs Beta breakdown:)

    I would really like to hear a podcast on the dichotomy of the non-human aspect yet humanistic nature of robots from movies like Lost in Space (original), The Day the Earth Stood Still (original), Aliens, Robocop, Star Wars, Bicentennial Man, and any other movies you want to add to the mix.

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